RSE gas genset
RSE gas genset for landbased installations

Gas genset for landbased installations 

RSE is one of the few gas engine manufacturers worldwide with a real focus on producing innovative gas engines. Unlike many other manufacturers in this segment, RSE exclusively specializes in gas engines.

Today is RSE already manufacturing the fourth generation of our ENERGIN© engine series, which consists of 6, 8 and 12 cylinders V-engines. All are equipped with turbochargers and 4-valve cylinder heads. Our focus is on achieving the highest electrical efficiency in our power range.

The engines are manufactured tailor made as per project related and are suitable for the following fuels:

  • Natural gas
  • Liquid gas
  • Mine and landfill gas
  • Biogas
  • LNG und CNG
  • Synthetic gas
  • Sewage gas
  • Wood gas
  • Flare gas

Other poor gas fuels can also be used by RSE gensets upon a gas analysis of the gas to be used.

RSE gas genset for landbased installations

ENERGIN© GEN - Gas Powered Generator Set:

The gas-powered generator set ENERGIN© GEN are designed for continuous operation of over 8,000 operating hours per year. The ENERGIN© GEN can either operate in island mode (isolated power grid) or parallel to the GRID, public power supply. The engine heat is not used.

Like all ENERGIN© models, it is optimized for the economical use of fuel.

ENERGIN© GEN are delivered prepackaged (plug & play) and ready for connection, that means completely piped and wired. All modules are mounted vibration-decoupled on a common base frame. The unit control panel, circuit breaker and a lubrication oil storage are integrated. Compact design with all auxiliaries built in.

RSE Energi© GEN - Gas Powdered Generator Set

ENERGIN© GEN+ - Generators with Heat Utilization

ENERGIN© GEN+ are power generators with heat utilization. The GEN+ utilizes the heat from the engine cooling system, mixture cooling and lubricating oil. Thereby it produces hot water in a temperature range of 90 °C in the flow and 70°C in the return. The up to 500°C hot engine exhaust gas is suitable for uses in other processes.

Application Biogas Plants

Often the heat produced by a cogeneration unit is not fully used for fermenter heating. The use of our ENEGRIN© GEN+ therefore eliminates the cost intensive emergency cooling in the most cases. The exhaust heat flow out through the chimney.

Application steam generation

Up to 3 x GEN+ can be connected to a common steam generator. Depending on the temperature and pressure range, more than 1,000 kg of steam per hour can be generated. The heat from the engine cooling water circuit can be used for preheating of the feed water or for the building.

Application of Combined Cold Heat and Power (CCHP)

RSE manufactures CCHP systems completely ready for connection in the container. Optionally, up to 400 kW of cooling (6°C supply I 12°C return) or 539 kW thermal output are produced.

Application drying / process heat

The thermal power of the aggregate of cooling water can be used for building heating or domestic water heating. The hot exhaust gas is suitable e.g. for drying wooden pallets or for thermal oil heating.

RSE generators with heat utilization

ENERGIN© CHP - Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP) - High Efficiency Winner


Our ENERGIN© CHP are compact designed combined heat and power plants with highly efficient heat extraction from the engine cooling water, the lubricating oil, the first stage of the mixture cooling circuit and the exhaust gas of the engine. Their compact design makes them easy to install and save space.

All components such as the gas engine, generator, heat exchangers, circulation

pumps, make up lube oil tank, exhaust primary mufflers and control and switchgear cabinets are piped and wired ready for operation on a common base frame. The CHP can also be connected to an absorption chiller system.

The CHP is mainly used in projects where there is a simultaneous high demand for heat and electricity. It is characterized by the highest overall efficiency (best fuel efficiency).

Application (selection)

  • Hospitals
  • Local heating networks
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Municipal buildings
  • Residential areas
  • Retirement homes
  • Electroplating
  • Office buildings
  • Food industry
  • Greenhouses

Please contact Jan V. Jacobsen for further information on these gensets.