Demp starters


A/S Danish Engineering & Marine Power (DEMP) uses different types of starters on gen sets.

Emergency gensets uses normally electric starters as these sets have their own starting battery package (24 VDC) (DEMP has also Battery chargers for marine use and Class approval) but some Class companies have requirements as to second means of starting device. For that purpose, have we hydraulic or spring starter systems in our product range. 

Auxiliary gensets can use different types of starter systems depending on the size of genset and ship design (engine layout).

Short description of the different systems:

Electric starters:

Is normally used on smaller engines and this requires a battery package (24 ADC) and a battery charger installation.

Both Bosch & Prestolite fit many engine brands and we are able to supply more than high-speed engines upon request.

Air starters:

We have used Gali air starters for many years and can recommend this based on our know-how. Gali starters are also used on many medium-speed engines.

Spring starters:

This type of starter is used on some DEMP gensets as second means of starting. In some cases, is the spring starter not installed on the engine but is used as replacement of the original electric starter if this is not working or if no 24 VDC is not available.

We have used/uses Startwell but other brands are also available as this type of starter is very similar due to the simple design. The spring starter is very good to use due to the simple design and use on older engines but newer engines with electric engine control/surveillance equipment might require an electric power supply for the start when using a spring starter.

Hydraulic starters:

Several brands make hydraulic starter systems but based on our experience then we recommend Prestolite which is installed on several DEMP gen sets.  This type of starter can be installed on the engine as backup starting and can be seen on many emergency gensets in case of breakdown of the electric starter or if the 24 VDC supply is missing. However, this system is not available for all engine sizes. 

Starters used on DEMP plants and for high-speed engines are stocked items.