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Spray stop tape is approved by Class:

Installation of spraystop tap

DEMP Solas tape

DEMP is able to supply the following technical tapes used on board ships. These tapes are also called SOLAS tapes as SOLAS regulations requires the use of these tapes on different pipe systems in the engine room. These pipe systems are piping for Fuel and other oil products heated and under pressure, and can cause fire and harm crew.

Spray stop tape:

The use of Spray stop tape is mentioned in SOLAS regulation II-2/15.2.11.

This tape is available in many sizes but we have stock of 35 + 50 mm in both normal and 50+ tape quality.

Normal: Up to 15 bar

50+:Up to 50 bar.

It is easy to use:

Heat stop tape:

Heat stop tape is used on hot piping in order to ensure a lower temperature on the outside surfaces and hereby cause fire and harming crew.

The use is mentioned in SOLAS regulation II-2/15.2.10.

Heat stop tape is not containing Abestos or similar dangerous fibers which can harm humans.

Heat stop tape is certified by:

DEMP stock this tape for quick delivery.

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Demp Solas tape

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