Gali starters
GALI starters

GALI starters:

We have stock of the following kits:


Version a+b:

Seal kit 5290515 + Repair kit 5290790

Seal kit is also available for servo valve.

Version c:

Seal kit 5290548 + Repair kit 5290549

Seal kit is also available for servo valve 5290547 / 5290845.

Components for the A-17C:

Solenoid valve complete 191544D

Servo valve complete 5202300

Please contact us if you have request for other parts and want to know availability of parts.

Spare parts for A-15 starter:

As mention then is the A-15 starter no longer available but we have spare parts kits available for this. In case that major parts are defective then we recommend exchange the complete starter to an A-17. Installation of this new starter is quite easy.

Available spare parts:

Servo unit 5202120:

Seal kit 5290491

Repair kit 5290760

Seal kit for starter limiter 5290640



Air hose for air starter:

In case that old hose needs replacement then we have the following hoses including fitting available:

DEMP version for both A-15 & A-17:

We have also ABS approved version on stock

GALI original hose with GL approval:

We have normally stock of the original Gali hose in case it is not a DEMP plant.

Please send your request and we will look into it and revert with offer.

GALI set of seals
Demp air hose