Prestolite starter
Prestolite starter

Prestolite starter

We are distributor for spare parts for Prestolite hydraulic starter systems and have stock of most common spare parts for the two systems B35G8 + B50G53.

The system consists of the following parts:

Exchange of old HP3 unit with complete pump panel including back plate + pump + piping. Accumulator + RV7 valve is to be re-used and installed on new back plate. 

Spare parts kits for starter unit:

B35G8: Prestolite no. 4790235

B50G53: Prestolite no. 47920253

Please note that we have a complete starter unit on stock for both B35G8 + B50G53 in case that old unit is beyond repair or quick exchange is required.

Additional service kits for pump unit 6518-35:

Prestolite no. 6518-28 - Prestolite no. 6518-39 - Prestolite no. 6518-29:

Charging and Testing Unit for Prestolite Accumulator

The charging and testing unit is used to charge Prestolite accumulator with nitrogen or to check or to change the existing pre-charge pressure in the Prestolite accumulator. 

For this purpose, the charging and testing unit is screwed onto the gas valve of the hydraulic Prestolite accumulator and connected via a hose to a commercial nitrogen bottle (please see below). 

If the nitrogen pressure is only to be checked or reduced, the charging hose does not need to be connected. The unit has a screw-type fitting with a built-in gauge, check valve and a spindle for opening the accumulator gas valve to control the pressure.

Instruction Manual Version ST4M

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