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UV drinking water treatment

UV drinking water treatment

We are able to supply complete UV drinking water treatment plants for marine use from Van Remmen. This UV is validated to NEN EN 14897:2006 in order to ensure capacity.


The treatment plant consists of a stainless steel housing containing the UV lamp, flow control system and sensors (if fitted) along with a control unit.

Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50/60 Hz.

Simple installation and highly suited for small ships who do not produce their own drinking water but bunker water from shore. To be installed in supply piping but also possible to install as re-circulation on storage tank. Retrofit is of course also possible.

Using UV as drinking water treatment do not involve any dosing/adding of chemicals and hereby no change in taste or possible overdosing.

Very low maintenance cost

The lamp has a lifetime of up to 16,000 hours under normal operation conditions. Maintenance required is visual check of cleanliness of the quartz sleeve in order to ensure that the water is exposed to maximum UV light.

Optional equipment available:

  • Temperature sensor safety (TSS)
  • Temperature sensor dump valve (TSD)
  • UV sensor (UVS)

Easy to use

Control unit is easy to use by menu bottoms and contains a LCD display displaying running information and alarms.     

See enclosed as to capacities and sensors.

Feel free to contact us in case of questions or further documentation.

Link to pdf files::

Validated series general leaflet - ENG

Information leaflet sensors - ENG

Capacities Validated Series - ENG

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